Chiropractic Care, A Holistic Health Care Approach

Chiropractic is a multifaceted healing art that assists and facilitates the natural corrective and reparative abilities of the human body. The human body is a remarkable, multi-system organism that functions via reflex and feedback properties that maintain a state of optimal health and function. A chiropractor is a highly trained and educated practitioner with expertise in various methodologies that influence these inherent properties to restore optimal health and function when the body is in a state of disease. Furthermore, chiropractic care offers a unique approach and philosophy to prevent disease rather than only treat disease.

Recommendations and education in lifestyle and dietary changes, ergonomic considerations, and exercise will facilitate the overall well-being of the individual in an effort to improve and extend the quality of health and life.

Burley-Stroker Chiropractic has been providing competent, personalized care and real results in Aberdeen, NC and surrounding communities for more than 30 years.
Chiropractic Care For All Ages
Chiropractic care is a safe, holistic and effective pain relief treatment for people of all ages, from babies to seniors.

Diagnosis and treatment plans are established through physical examination, orthopedic and neurological procedures, and X-rays.

Ongoing supportive care will facilitate the recovery and prevention of current and future complaints, aided by specific exercises, stretches and home therapies.
  • Scott and his wife Brenda are AMAZING. Highly recommended!!
    -Wendy Maria
  • We love Burley-Stroker Chiropractic! They are AWESOME!
    - Debbie Crawford
  • I've had chiropractic care for the past 10 years and Scott and Brenda of Burley-Stroker are the absolute best! They came highly recommended, involved in community outreach, and are Veteran friendly. I won't go anywhere else. Absolutely recommended.
    -Bruce Parker
  • Brenda and Scott are wonderful care providers. I’m grateful to have found them. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs chiropractic care."
    - Carson Crooms